Simple Soothers: Protecting Kids’ Skin During Winter

Simple Soothers: Protecting Kids’ Skin During Winter

As we head toward the end of July and early August, temperatures are dropping, chilly winds are picking up and either the heating is on or we’ve got the fire roaring, leaving our kids vulnerable to runny noses, chapped little cheeks and dry winter skin. So, how can we protect our vulnerable little ones and their delicate skin during these colder months?

1. Cover up when you’re out and about

Not only do our babies and kids look super cute all bundled up, it’s actually helpful. Reduce their skin’s exposure to the cold air by covering them up! Mittens or gloves are a great way to protect the delicate skin on their hands, which can be prone to dryness. Pop a hat on and wrap a scarf around their necks to protect what isn’t covered by their jacket. Keep checking their body temperature to make sure they aren’t overheating – sticking to natural fibre clothing (like cotton or merino) is best.

2. Stay warm, not hot

If you’ve got the heat pump blasting, just be aware that the room can easily overheat, which can be very drying for the skin. The Ministry of Social Development recommends keeping the room temperature between 18 to 21 degrees for babies. It’s also worth noting that “extra blankets and warm clothes may lead to dangerous overheating of infants, thus increasing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)”, as warned by National Institute of Health in the US, so be vigilant and keep baby comfortable. Feel your baby’s tummy or the back of their neck (your baby’s hands and feet will usually be cooler, which is normal) – if they’re hot and sweaty you can remove some layers, and/or turn the heat down.
Remember this when it comes to bath time as well. Use lukewarm water for baths/showers, as hot water can cause skin irritation and strip the skin’s natural oils.

3. Moisturise the skin more often

Moisture evaporates quickly from the skin in the cold and wind of winter months and the skin is producing less of its lovely natural oils. So, it’s important to moisturise your little one’s skin more often, paying particular attention to little noses, cheeks, chin and lips before and after heading outdoors. Our Baby Cream is infused with deeply moisturising sweet almond and apricot kernel oils, which will be a great companion to your backpack.

4. Prevent chapped lips

A baby’s skin is 3-5 times thinner than an adult’s and loses moisture faster. Gradually their skin matures, up until about age 6 when it’s similar to an adult’s. Smoothing a layer of soothing balm on your child’s lips while they’re out playing in cold winds or inside with the heating on, will keep their lips chap-free! Make sure you choose one without harsh chemicals in case of swallowing, like our 100% certified organic Baby Balm - especially blended with beeswax to form a breathable barrier against moisture loss.

Kid applying Less by Nature Baby Balm as protective lip balm

5. Stay hydrated

Water is life! Combat the cold weather by hydrating the skin from the inside out. Plenty of fluids helps children’s skin maintain its moisture level, meaning they’re less prone to potential skin problems like eczema. Remember – the foods and drinks that make up your diet all count toward their daily intake. For babies under six months, and those exclusively breastfed, just stick with breast milk (breast milk is 88 per cent water).

Whether you’re planning lots of fun outdoors winter adventures or prefer to stay tucked up inside, these simple soothing tips will protect your child’s delicate skin from the drying effects of these colder months.