"Her poor little bottom was so raw, blistered & in the end infected, we were certain it was going to scar. Thankfully we started using @lessbynature balm and within the first day of using it we noticed an improvement, after 2-3days it was ALL healed!" - Katie, on Instagram

"Bubba's skin has been really dry since we got back from our trip in Hong Kong a month ago. Since then, I have started using the @lessbynature baby balm on her face and arm, after a week of using it, I have notice a significant improvement!" - Rarity5118, on Instagram

"The area around my lips were so dry and itchy for the past week, it was so irritating that the skin was peeling off too! I'd tried so many different stuff but it didn't help until 2 days ago I remembered I had this baby balm from @lessbynature I only applied it for two days and the skin is no longer peeling off nor itchy thank you so much! It also helped a lot on my baby boy’s dried cheek" - Irene W., on Instagram