"So happy to have something without all the nasties to use on my baby girl. After the bath we follow with the moisturiser leaving her skin soooo soft and smelling devine!! " - Georgia Jade, on Instagram

"I have been very hesitant using any products on my baby, I meticulously google all the ingredients in anything I put on her skin and I was happy to use these products, the lotion especially smells really nice and any I have left over on my hands is great for my dry elbows." - Gina McInnes, on Facebook

"I also use their lavender face cream on my son before taking him to his bed, the lavender and chamomile combined with a warm bath and gentle massage really help with settling him down for a full nights sleep." - Nina Mackenzie, on Instagram

"I love the Less by Nature baby cream! As soon as I put it on my bubba’s skin, it feels smoother and softer. I love the delicate scent and non greasy feel. The pump applicator is easy to use and mess free. Perfect for when your little one is on the move and you have your hands full!" - Courtney Chalmers, on Facebook

"I love this baby cream. It’s very nice quality, not at all greasy and absorbs quickly. I have noticed an improvement in my dry and sensitive skin. It really helps with the itchiness and makes my skin smoother. " - Kaka, on Instagram