"I used the oil and cream when I was pregnant, it felt amazing on my skin and I didn't get any stretch Marks! Not only are the products amazing but they're such supportive and caring people behind the screens who genuinely care and support you and your babies!" - Rochelle Conroy, on Facebook

"The stretch mark products are wonderful. Non-greasy & pleasantly scented. Also love that they’re all natural and organic as when I’m having skin to skin with my bubba I know there’s no residual chemicals on my skin " - Courtney Chalmers, on Facebook

"The cream is easy to apply without having to shake the bottle without wasting any of the cream. Both products smells great which is important especially while pregnant. Easy to use, easy to apply. So far I've not gotten any new stretch marks thanks to Less by Nature wonderful products." - Bluo Williams, on Facebook

"Thanks to @lessbynature for these amazing products, they have definitely helped to keep my skin moist and deal with my fast growing bump and all the stretch mark glory" - Cassandra Chalk, on Instagram