"I’ve been using Less by Nature products with my 4th baby, and absolutely love them! So natural and beautiful to use. Also used the bath wash with my nephew who has bad excema and his skin was fine with it. Highly recommend these products and will be buying for gifts. The massage oil is great to add in the bath water also to help combat the dry skin brand new babies have. Also used that on babies scalp to help with cradle cap." - Sandy Motion, on Facebook

"I have been using the entire baby range on my five month old for almost two weeks and absolutely love it. The balm and cream have both helped his eczema and heat rash, the shampoo makes his hair so soft and fluffy (in the best way) and the massage oil is wonderful I use it when he has a sore tummy from reflux. Would 100% recommend this brand and their products" - Letitia Elers, on Facebook

"For those who know me well, I have always been really careful with choosing the right skincare products for both of my girls as they have bad #eczema and am really surprised with the results of the #lessbynatureproducts." - Rarity5118, on Instagram

"Looove these products! They smell amazing too which is a bonus, and they don’t react to my sons skin either and he’s usually sensitive to a lot of products!" - Joanna Tulloch, on Facebook